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So, you have taken the plunge and booked your headshots. 

Then the panic hits and you have no idea what to wear, or what to expect!

The way you come across in your brand photography will affect your potential client’s decision to book or hire you.

It’s not about how cool you look, or whether you look like a supermodel in your pictures. It’s about coming across in the right way that resonates with your clients. What would it be like for them to work with you? 

I recommend selecting colours and styles that suit your branding.

Fit your theme first and then begin looking at the colour palette of the outfit to determine where you want to be photographed, i.e. office, countryside, cityscape, etc

The colours must weave throughout your brand photos, to give it a more cohesive and visually harmonious look.

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Preparation is key to create your dream branding photoshoot.