Pure Invitations

Founder and Creative Director

Carol Vincent

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Pure Invitation was started in 2004 by founder and Creative Director, Carol Vincent, after a “disastrous attempt” (her own words) at making her own wedding invitations. After her and her husband-to-be realised they were over the budget they had set themselves Carol decided, to save some money, she could make their wedding invitations. She thought to herself “I’m a creative person, how hard can it be?”.

Well, it turns out, actually quite difficult…

Graft Fitness


Natalie Bhangal

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Natalie has a passion for Health, Fitness and Strength training always for a better mindset. Running as a passion is not just for the fitness , or improvement of health but mainly for the positive effect it has had on me mentally. It has got her through some mentally challenging times which hasn’t got easier – add kids, work, and all the rest life offers. 

Her Physio

By Gemma Richardson

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At Her Physion Gemma provides personalised treatment for a wide range of women's health conditions for ladies of all ages.

Lilac and Wild


Sophie O’Keeffe

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Lilac & Wild are based in Warwickshire and run by creative designer and head florist Sophie O’Keeffe. As a team, we specialise in creating abundant luxury stunning floral designs using fresh locally grown flowers wherever possible.

Form & Flow


By Laura

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Kerry Palmer Yoga

The Basement Snug

July 2022

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At the age of18, I realised high-impact exercise wasn’t leaving my body or mind feeling how I wanted to. That’s when I discovered yoga!

Like many, I was drawn to the physical benefits at first. But that isn’t what typically keeps us coming back to the mat, it’s the way yoga makes us feel that keeps us hooked. Yes, my flexibility and strength improved, but as well as that, my back pain disappeared, panic attacks went away, and I slept more deeply. I was sold!

Whilst I loved the time spent on my mat, when I undertook my first teacher training it wasn’t with the goal of actually teaching yoga, I simply wanted to expand my knowledge.

Of course, what we plan for ourselves isn’t always what life has planned for us! I fell in love with teaching, and from day one felt immediately at home, as though it was what I was born to do. It felt completely natural. This was back in 2014, and since then I’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of classes, undergoing lots more training (yoga teachers tend to be a big fan of learning!) and growing my own family too (two boys and a pooch).

Vicki Fitzpatrick

Event Session: March 5th 2022

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The Female Founders

If you are a female business owner seeking a supportive, empowering community of like-minded women, alongside coaching and training support to help you grow, you are in the right place.

The Women in Business Coaching Membership gives you access to a community of incredible and supportive women who, like you, have the shared goal of driving their business forward. As your coach, I will meet you where you are on your business journey right now, and provide you with the support, guidance, and training to help you accelerate your mindset and business potential. 

Lime Communications

Branding: February 2022

Our combined experience of journalism and marketing can help you take advantage of the growing opportunities to promote your business on the internet. We want to tell the story of your business, creating engaging content to introduce you to social media or keep your existing platforms fresh and up-to-date.

We can get you blogging, create content for emails, design newsletters, help you establish your brand identity and we also have the skill and know-how to introduce your business to traditional media. Our expertise will help you get the most out of the online world, so you can reach out to new customers and keep existing ones loyal.

Details Event Styling

Branding: February 2022

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Laura specialises in planning and styling bespoke events for weddings, christenings, birthdays, bridal parties and baby showers; any occasion special to you. 

She love's working collaboratively with her clients to bring their vision to life in a truly unique way, making the whole planning process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. 

Hannah O'Donnell

Branding: January 2022

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Discover The Way Forward

As an accredited coach and marketing specialist I help people like you discover their way forward through expert coaching and mentoring that builds your confidence, skills and develops the mindset you need in order to step into the future you want with confidence, balance and unshakable belief. 

Sage & Grace

Product Shots: December 2021

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Hannah founded Sage & Grace in 2018 after discovering that most of my loved candles and home fragrance products were not made from natural ingredients.